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Epidemiological and Clinical Finnish Sample Collections

In these pages we have collected information on epidemiological and clinical Finnish study collections with available DNA samples, though the list is not comprehensive. The pages include short description of the projects, contact information, as well as information on genome-wide SNP genotyping studies involving these study collections. The pages are meant to serve as a resource for investigators and promote collaboration between research groups and institutes.

If you wish to add information on your own study collections, please contact us: Kaisa Silander or Markus Perola (firstname.lastname (at)

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Finnish epidemiological study collections with available DNA samples:
ATBC, Child-sleep, Finnish Twin Cohort, FINRISK, 4PLUS, Helsinki Birth Cohort Study, Helsinki Sudden Death Study, Health 2000, METSIM Study, Northern Finland Birth Cohorts 1966 and 1986, Young Finns Study

Finnish disease-specific study collections with available DNA samples:
Autism spectrum disorder family Study, ADGEN StudyBotnia Studies, Corogene, FinnDiane, Finnish Hematological Registry and Biobank (FHRB), FUSION, Helsinki Urological Biobank (HUB), Intracerebral aneurysm (FIARC), Migraine Family Study, Multiple Sclerosis Family Study, THL Psychiatric Family Collections

International collaborative projects, involving also Finnish cohorts:
GEHA, MORGAM, 1000 Genomes


Disclaimer: In these web pages the term “biobank” does not refer to the legal definition of “biobank” used in the Finnish Biobank law approved in 2012 by the Finnish Parliament. In these web pages the term “biobank” refers to the OECD definition: “A collection of biological material and the associated data and information stored in an organised system, for a population or a large subset of a population”.