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The COROGENE Study: Genetic Predisposition of Coronary Heart Disease in Patients
Verified with Coronary Angiogram

The Corogene study was designed as a large cohort to study mainly CAD, but also other related heart diseases such as heart failure and aortic valve disease. We selected the patients from the CAD point of view, and decided to include over 5000 consecutive patients assigned for coronary angiogram. In Finland, coronary angiogram is performed to practically all patients assigned for invasive heart examination. Despite technical developments in diagnostics, coronary angiogram is still the gold standard for evaluating coronaries. The purpose of this study is to follow contemporary trends in coronary heart disease, and related heart disease risk factors, genetics and epigenetics by collecting cohorts referred to heart examination. New cohorts will be collected at 5-year intervals in order to see trends in CAD, its risk factors and epigenetics.

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HUS – Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa
Principal Investigator:
Juha Sinisalo, firstname.lastname (at)
Contact persons:
Juha Sinisalo, firstname.lastname (at)
Markku Nieminen, firstname.lastname (at)
Markus Perola, firstname.lastname (at)
Maisa Lokki, firstname.lastname (at)

Key reference:
Cohort Profile: The Corogene study. Vaara S, Nieminen MS, Lokki ML, Perola M, Pussinen
PJ, Allonen J, Parkkonen O, Sinisalo J. Int J Epidemiol. 2011 Jun 3