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The 4PLUS study was aimed at collecting large families to study the effects of genetics and environment on common diseases. Families from the Helsinki region with 4 siblings born between 1955 and 1975 were invited for the study. During the pilot study phase, carried out during 2004-2005, a total of 25 families were recruited. The pilot study was funded by THL and Virginia Institute for Psychiatric and Behavioral Genetics (Professtor Kenneth Kendler). Each participant answered several questionnaires, including basic background information, health status, working capacity, exercise, sleep, diet, food frequency, smoking, alcohol use, life events, and family history of disease. The participants had a SCID-IV interview, and a 10-smell recognition test. During a clinical visit blood samples and various anthropometric measurements were taken. Cholesterols, triglycerides, APO-B, CRP, and fasting glucose and insulin measurements are available. DNA, RNA, cell pellets and serum samples were taken from each participant, and each of them gave permission to collect follow-up registry data.

THL – The National Institute for Health and Welfare

Principal investigators:
Jouko Lönnqvist, firstname.lastname (at)
Jaana Suvisaari, firstname.lastname (at)

Contact person:
Jaana Suvisaari, firstname.lastname (at)